mandag den 17. februar 2014

Update på den nøgne kvinde i toilettet

I fredags sendte jeg som bekendt en mail til toiletsædefirmaet.

Læs indlægget her

Og i dag har jeg fået svar. Fra Helga.

Many thanks for you email -  your feedback is important for us.
And you are totally right, bathing in a toilet is not recommended and you have to be a midget to be able to do it.
We are sure you are aware that our lady is bathing in fresh clean water, which is meant to suggest cleaness, freshness and therefore anything a bathroom should be like to be able to feel comfortable there… but it is interesting how people in different countries react differently to our lady - e.g. in the UK there is just a toilet seat on the packaging, no lady.
Is there anything you would prefer to see on the box? Just the toilet seat?

We are looking forward to your feedback!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Hamberger Sanitary GmbH

i. A. Helga Bödeker
Account Manager DIY

Bliver jo nødt til at svare dem...

Dear Helga 

Thanks for your reply, which I understand, but then again not. 
I totally agree with you that a bathroom should be clean. There are so many bacteria in this world that you just don't want to get to know better. This is partly also why I'm single. 
But while I understand your explanation of the woman on the packaging, I think perhaps it would be more appropriate with a small butt? (A clean butt, of course). As is heading down towards the waiting clean toilet seat. 
(I am attaching a picture. I have allowed my self to make some adjustments to your design). 

Have a great day.